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 Online Paper Submission

Welcome to the online paper submission for the 33rd Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association !

As of this year, if you want to submit a paper, you have to be an EAA member in the year of the congress for which you submit. Hence, if you are not yet an EAA member for 2010, the system will invite you to subscribe before allowing you to submit.

Before you submit, please make sure that:

  • you submit within the appropriate category and research method;
  • no author information is mentioned on the paper;
  • you submit your paper in PDF format (a free PDF converter is offered on this site);
    If you submit a paper that contains any information identifying you or your co-author(s), the paper shall be removed from the system, and you will be invited to resubmit. It will be YOUR responsibility to resubmit.
  • your submission meets all the requirements of the Submission Rules (please click here to view the rules).

Multiple submissions
By EAA policy, each individual is limited to one personal appearance on the programme as a Presenting Author. This policy implies that an author can submit and present only one paper. However this author can be a co-author of other submitted papers.