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Estonia is one of the maritime republics of Northern Europe, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Though bordering with Russia, Estonians are 1 million people of their own ethnicity and language very close to Finnish. The Republic of Estonia joined the EU in 2004 and is a good example of a growing economy.

The country is smallest of the three Baltic Republics. With its 45,200 of land, Estonia is quite sparsely populated and has plenty of untouched nature left. Forests of pines and spruces, marshes, coastline with alternating reed thickets and white sand, pristine islands, ploughed farmlands, lakes and rolling hills form the defining landscapes of the country.

The main academic centre of Estonia is Tartu, located 185 km south of the capital. It is the seat of five universities, about third of its 100,000 inhabitants are students and staff of the universities. The town itself has been on this spot by the Emajõgi river since 7th century.

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