European Accounting Association
Our next speaker is
Maria Correia
(London School of Economics)

The European Accounting Association Virtual Accounting Research Seminar (VARS) aims to facilitate the continued exchange and discussion
of accounting research findings in Europe and around the world. The series is free and open to all. Recordings of previous seminars

will be made available to EAA members on the 
Accounting Resources Centre (ARC) Repository at presenters’ discretion.

Seminars take place monthly at 16.15 – 17.45 CET on Zoom – see full list of dates and program below.

We offer the possibility to PhD students and early career faculty members to register for a 30-minute meeting slot with the guest speaker to discuss your own research and theirs. Registration will open one week prior to the seminar and slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

٭To accommodate our speaker’s time zone, individual meetings will be held after the seminar in the slot 6.00pm – 8.00pm Brussels time

VARS Program
VARS Day Outline
  • 1st Meeting Slot

    Pre-event meeting 14:00 – 14:30

  • 2nd Meeting Slot

    Pre-event meeting 14:30 – 15:00

  • 3rd Meeting slot

    Pre-event meeting 15:00 – 15:30

  • 4th Meeting Slot

    Pre-event meeting 15:30 – 16:00

  • Paper Presentation

Date Speaker Paper Title Recording
Jun, 07 2023
View video
Jun, 02 2023 Thorsten Sellhorn, co-authors B. Beyer, R. Chaskel, S. Euler, J. Gassen, A. Großkopf
(LMU Munich School of Management)
“How Does Carbon Footprint Information Affect Consumer Choice? A Field Experiment” View video
May, 05 2023 Araceli Mora, co-authored with B. García Osma and J. Gomez Conde
(University of Valencia)
Externalities of Financial Reporting Regulation on Management Control Systems: The Case of the Information Requirements of IFRS 15 View video
Mar, 03 2023 Lukas Lohlein and David Crvelin
(Management Accounting at WHU and HEC Paris)
Learning accounting through body and form: the role of haptic experiences in training workshops, co-authored by Victoria Honsel (IMC), Utz Schäffer (IMC) and David Crvelin (HEC Paris) View video
Feb, 03 2023 Yonca Ertimur ٭
(University of Colorado Boulder)
Public Disclosure Around Confidentially-Marketed Public Offerings, co-authored with Peter Demerjian (Georgia State University) and Bryce Schonberger (University of Colorado at Boulder) View video
Dec, 02 2022 David Veenman
(University of Amsterdam)
Outliers and Robust Inference in Archival Accounting Research View video
Nov, 04 2022 Kari Lukka
(University of Turku)
Safeguarding the unknown? The practical meaning of research quality in the performance measurement era at universities View video
Oct, 07 2022 Cathy Shakespeare
(University of Michigan)
Accounting choice in measurement and comparability: An examination of the effect of the fair value option View video
Jul, 01 2022 Stephen Walker
(University of Edinburgh)
Accounting, Relief and Rehabilitation During the Second World War and its Aftermath View video
Jun, 03 2022 Markus C. Arnold
(Universität Bern)
Burn It or Return It? The Effects of Uncertainty and the Possibility to Return Budget on Capital Budgeting View video
May, 06 2022 Eva Labro
(University of North Carolina)
Managing Employee Retention Concerns: Evidence from US Census Data View video
Apr, 01 2022 Bjorn Jørgensen
(Copenhagen Business School)
What does the CEO pay ratio capture? Evidence from Denmark View video
Mar, 04 2022 Garry Carnegie
Redefining Accounting for Tomorrow: Accounting for Shaping a Better World View video
Feb, 04 2022 Jan Bouwens
(University of Amsterdam)
Transparency and biases in subjective performance evaluation View View video
Jan, 07 2022 Salvador Carmona
(IE Business School)
Penal Accountancy and the Spanish Inquisition View video
Dec, 03 2021 Anna Gold
(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Can Audit Committee Support Improve Auditors’ Application of Professional Skepticism? A Survey and Experimental Evidence View video
Nov, 05 2021 Sven Modell
(University of Manchester)
Is institutional research on management accounting degenerating or progressing? A Lakatosian analysis View video
Oct, 01 2021 Mary Barth
(Stanford University)
Equity Book-to-Market Ratios Above One and Macroeconomic Risk View video
Jun, 04 2021 Wai Fong Chua
(University of Sydney)
Rankings as vibrant, ‘becoming’ things: Tracing the weaving of the Swedish municipality public quality ranking 2007-2020 View video
May, 07 2021 Peter Pope
(Università Bocconi, Italy)
Does Component Auditor Rotation Explain Group Audit Fee Low-Balling View video
Apr, 09 2021 Martin Messner
(Universität Innsbruck, Austria)
Fashionable practices and occupational identities: hype and ambiguity as challenges for data scientists View video
Mar, 05 2021 Jan Bebbington
(Lancaster University, UK)
Corporate reporting on climate change: informing capital market View video
Feb, 05 2021 Christian Leuz
(University of Chicago, USA)
Reporting Regulation and Corporate Innovation View video
Jan, 08 2021 Eddy Cardinaels
(Tilburg University, Netherlands)
All Show and No Know? The Effects of Outcome Transparency and Learning Path on Employee Learning Behaviors. View video
Dec, 04 2020 Beatriz Garcia Osma
(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
Narrative Conservatism View video
Jun, 26 2020 Kirstin Becker
(Copenhagen Business School)
Constructing Accounting as a Public Policy Issue: The Framing of Fair Value Accounting during the Global Financial Crisis of 2007–09 View video
Jun, 19 2020 Thomas Bourveau
(Columbia University)
Public Company Audits around the Securities Exchange Act View video
Jun, 12 2020 Christine Cooper
(University of Edinburgh)
Agencification – replacing liberal democracy with neoliberal accountability View video
Jun, 05 2020 Chris Chapman
(University of Bristol)
Control as Seduction: Gamification at Foursquare View video
May, 29 2020 Victor van Pelt
Public Tax Disclosures and Investor Perceptions View video
May, 22 2020 Claudia Imperatore
The effect of private political information on macroeconomic forecast accuracy View video
May, 15 2020 Carlos Larrinaga
(Universidad de Burgos)
Early modern accounting and the emergence of the administrative state View video
May, 08 2020 Stephan Hollander
(Tilburg University)
Firm-Level Exposure to Epidemic Diseases: Covid-19, SARS, and H1N1 View video
EAA Virtual Activities Task Force

Giovanna Michelon (Chair), University of Bristol, UK

Michelle Carr, Cork University, Ireland

Marco Trombetta, IE Business School, Spain

Yasemin Karaibrahimoglu, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Irma Malafronte, University of Roehampton, UK

Evisa Mitrou, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Chaoyuan She, Essex University, UK