EAA Annual Congress 2018 – The beauty of being an academic

Posted by ANNALISA PRENCIPE - Jun 25, 2018

While I walk in the Bocconi campus these days, it looks unusually quiet to me…

The hectic days of the EAA Annual Congress are over. Three days during which the campus has been literally invaded by academics from all around the world. You could see hundreds of them trying to find their way to the sessions, meeting colleagues and friends, discussing research projects in front of a nice cup of Italian espresso or cappuccino… such a thrilling atmosphere!

This year’s conference established a few records: about 1700 delegates from all over the world, 1089 papers presented at the congress, over 100 papers with discussion. On top of this, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Association! These achievements are certainly a nice reward for all of us who – as members of the Local Organizing Committee – have been working on this conference for over three years. But the greatest reward has been seeing so many academics enjoying their time at the Conference. You can watch the videos of the PhD Forum and the Symposia in the ARC repository!

Let us be frank…participating to conferences is one of the nicest parts of the academic life. What can be better than meeting people with whom you share same research interests, having stimulating discussions with them, devising paths for joint research while, at the same time, getting to know new places and new cultures? We, the Local Organizing Committee, did our best to organize a conference where all this could easily happen. And we can proudly say that we did it!

We have also tried to stimulate new ideas and open-up new research venues by introducing emerging topics, such as block chain, accounting and big data, integrated reporting, real implications of accounting information and more, while at the same time preserving that diversity that is part of the European Accounting Association’s DNA.

With a wonderful music performance and a unique gala buffet made of street food, drinks and several regional Italian specialties, we have concluded an amazing experience. It is time to say a few ‘thanks’ to those who made all this possible. First, thanks to all the colleagues and friends of the LOC, who are the living proof of how great and successful team-work can be. Second, thanks to Bocconi University, for hosting the conference and supporting us with its super-professional staff. Finally, thanks to the European Accounting Association for trusting and supporting us and, of course, a huge ‘thank you’ to Nicole Coopman for her invaluable help.

It’s about time to look forward….Cyprus is just around the corner. Arrivederci at another amazing conference. How nice it is to be an academic! smiley