PhD Forum

The EAA PhD Forum, launched in 2013, is an initiative of the EAA to help and promote PhD students in accounting. The PhD Forum is part of the EAA Annual Congress.

The PhD Forum is a great opportunity for PhD students to network and gain insight into academic accounting research and its environment through the speakers. It may also provide information as to how to establish contacts for entering the job market. The Forum is open to PhD students pursuing research in any topic areas (financial accounting, managerial accounting, audit, tax, etc.) and using any research method (analytical modelling, behavioral, empirical archival, qualitative etc) related to the EAA. 


  • To complement EAA’s offering in terms of doctoral education and emerging scholar promotion;
  • To foster networking of doctoral students with established scholars and each other;
  • To increase the visibility of EAA within the community of doctoral students.


Organiser Juan Manuel GARCIA LARA Carlos III University


Areas of Focus

Volunteering Opportunities

Contact information

  • developing the Programme;
  • inviting Session leaders, panellists and the future speaker.
  • encourage attendance for Forum to your students;
  • recommend high performing scholars to act as Panellist or Session leaders
Juan Manuel Garcia Lara –

Organiser, for more information

To view past PhD Forum programs, please click here.

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