EAA2020 SHARK TANK – extended deadline! 27/1/2020

Posted by Robert Faff - Dec 02, 2019

*** BREAKING NEWS *** (2/12/2019)

Due to several requests, the deadline for EAA2020 Shark Tank submissions has been extended to January 27 2020 (GMT 12 noon).

The EAA2020 Shark Tank aims to provide:

* an "edgy" experience – come out of your comfort zone (… just a little)

*  a fun new event at an accounting conference

* an unprecedented access to accounting journal editors from 12 journals

 shark journals … Abacus; Accounting & Finance; Accounting Forum; Accounting in Europe; Accounting, Organizations & Society; Contemporary Accounting Research; Euopean Accounting Review; Journal of Accounting and Public Policy; Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics; Journal of International Accounting Auditing and Taxation;Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management; Pacific-Basin Finance Journal.

At its 2020 Conference in Bucharest (Romania), EAA is holding a shark tank pitch event inviting research teams to propose a brand new research idea, seeking it to be “sponsored” by a journal editor. The shark tank event has 2 (initial) stages: (I) written 2-page pitch (based on Faff’s (2019, SSRN) “pitching research” framework for pitches that are predominantly quantitative, or Lodhia’s (2019) adapted framework for pitches that are predominantly qualitative – see pages 2 & 3 of this call); (II) oral pitch presentation (based on the written pitch) to an Editors Panel of Sharks in a dedicated session of EAA 2020.Selected teams (based on editors’ votes) will be invited to pitch their research idea to the “sharks”. After each pitch, shark editors will give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. In those cases where more than one shark editor is interested, a “competitive process” will ensue to achieve the ideal match of pitch to journal Ultimately, subject to an agreed offer by one of the shark editors, pitches presented at the EAA 2020 SHARK TANK PITCH event, will be invited to execute the research project and publish the resultant completed paper in a future issue of the “winning” shark’s journal.

Also, see the "pitching research" primer – a 9 minute animation on YouTube:


For more details, please see the pdf flyer (including "supplementary notes") below.


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