Creating research to make an impact

Posted by ARC Commitee - Dec 18, 2019

These two 12 week programs developed by the publisher of the EAA journals, Routledge, Taylor & Francis, deliver the ultimate step-by-step guide to publishing your research, boosting your impact, and building your profile so you too can ‘change the world’. One is aimed at early career researchers and one is aimed at mid-career researchers

Each learning program is delivered by email, and each week you will receive a link to one PDF chapter, which you can access whenever is most convenient for you. Over 12 weeks this builds into an indispensable guide to use throughout your research career. Chapters cover areas such as leading a research team, finding funding, open research including open data, navigating peer review, engaging policy-makers, and effectively presenting your research.

Early Career Researcher – The complete guide to getting your research published and establishing your research profile

With the program for early career researchers you can master the process of publishing and promoting your research.

The program contains everything you need to know to get your research published in an academic journal and to build your profile as a researcher. You will also develop the key skills and knowledge you need to prepare for the next steps in your research career, from communication to presentation, to networking and more.

Mid-Career Researcher – The go-to guide for managing mid-career challenges, boosting the impact of your published work, and enhancing your research profile

With the program for mid-career researchers you will build on your existing knowledge and experience.

You will be guided on how to make your publishing more efficient. This lets you spend more time focusing on your research and what matters to you. You will also discover how to build your profile to supercharge your impact, with advice on boosting the impact of your research through search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords, improving your online visibility, making connections with policy-makers, and working with journalists.

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