VARS with Carlos Larrinaga

Posted by GIOVANNA MICHELON - May 15, 2020

And with today, we can say that the VARS is definitely a success. With more than 200 registrations, today’s seminar was a fascinating story about “Early modern accounting and the emergence of the administrative state”.

Carlos Larrinaga took us back to the 16th century, in Castilia, during a time in which the Spanish empire was reaching unprecedented extension. Using a governmentality perspective, Carlos’s presentation illustrated the programs of centralization of the Castilian monarchy. He explained the political rationality of the administrative state referring to the thought of influential academic Francisco de Vitoria. In the last part of the presentation, Carlos illustrated how accounting was conceived and put into practice to support the government of the administrative state. If you could not make it today, you should definitely read Carlos’s paper, now in our repository

The virtual reception was also good fun! As you can see participants connected from various exotic locations.

Next week, we are delighted to host Claudia Imperatore, from Bocconi University, with a paper on “The effect of private political information on macroeconomic forecast accuracy” Don’t miss it – register at 


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