EAA Junior Network Lounge

Posted by GIOVANNA MICHELON - Mar 31, 2021

The pandemic has considerably limited our ability to meet with peers and discuss our research interests and projects. We all miss the opportunity to meet new colleagues during breaks at conferences, discuss our papers and build a network of reference that helps the development of our research. The lack of network building is problematic especially for early career scholars, including PhD students and junior faculty with untenured positions, who are in the process of creating their academic profiles and would benefit the most from sharing their experiences and research projects.

With the aim of facilitating scholarly and social interactions in a time when we cannot gather in person at research events, the EAA is working on a series of initiatives that aim at enhancing network opportunities for early career scholars. The first of these events will be a virtual lounge, which will take place on Zoom on May 5, 2021 at 5.00pm CEST (e.g. Brussels time). The lounge is intended to be an informal, social gathering where early career scholars can get to know each other, share and discuss experiences in small groups. If you are interested in participating to this event, please fill in the registration form no later than April 28th

EAA Virtual Activities Committee

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