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Posted by Audit Analytics - May 19, 2021

Audit Analytics is used by more than 300 universities and colleges around the world for cutting edge research and classroom applications. For two decades, our unique and innovative databases have propelled archival research, expanding the body of knowledge and contributing immeasurably to academic literature.

Founded in 2003, Audit Analytics is the go-to source for independent research and data of audit, regulatory, and disclosure intelligence. As a trusted source for research, our data is collected, organized, and analyzed with rigor by our expert team of researchers.

To date, we currently offer eight modules and more than unique 50 databases. Our three most popular modules are mentioned below.



Accounting + Oversight

Uncover new trends with Accounting + Oversight. Add nuance to your research and engagement to your classroom discussions.

Our proprietary taxonomy brings the most accurate and valuable data on the market. Use Accounting + Oversight to focus on significant disclosures including Critical Audit Matters and PCAOB Reports, or use our Accounting Quality Risk Matrix to identify companies with the greatest amount of risk.


Featured Databases:

Accounting Quality Risk Matrix | Adjustments | Audit Firm Events | Auditor Ratification | Changes in Accounting Estimates | Critical Audit Matters | Cybersecurity | Impairments | PCAOB Reports



Audit + Compliance

Time is an asset.

Use your time to uncover the next groundbreaking market analysis— review Audit Fees, Audit Opinions, Financial Restatements, and more, all from one easy-to-use location. Audit Analytics’ robust Audit + Compliance module contains data from a multitude of sources and normalizes it so that you can focus on analyzing.


Featured Databases:

Audit Fees | Audit Opinions | Auditor Changes | Auditor Engagements | Benefit Plan Opinions | Director & Officer Changes | Disclosure Controls | Financial Restatements | Internal Controls | Late Filers




Audit Analytics compiles Europe-specific information all in one place.

Gathering data from anywhere can be difficult, but Europe presents unique challenges with differing languages and regulatory bodies. Our Europe module brings together data such as Audit Fees, Key Audit Matters, and Audit Opinions. Take the headache out of data collection – join your colleagues who use Audit Analytics and let us do the leg work.


Featured Databases:

Audit Fees Audit Opinions | Auditor Changes | Auditor Engagements + Tenure | Financial Restatements | Key Audit Matters | Transparency Reports



To learn more about these modules or our data in general, please contact us.

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