Nominations are now open for the 2022 EAA Accounting Education Excellence Award

Posted by Anastasia Kopita - Jun 03, 2021

Nominations are now open for the 2022 EAA Accounting Education Excellence Award

The award seeks to highlight excellent practice in Accounting Education which addresses thought leadership in the field, innovation and cutting-edge practices in pedagogy, technology and contents.

The first award will be announced at the EAA Annual Congress in Bergen (2022), subject to there being a worthy recipient. Individuals will be able to nominate themselves along with two advocate letters of support. The award winner will receive free conference registration to the following year’s EAA conference with support to cover travel and accommodation of up to 1,250 Euro. The award winner will be asked to facilitate a workshop/classroom session at the Annual Congress to share her/his best practice, and an opportunity to write up this practice into a case study for dissemination on the ARC website.

EAA members who would like to express their interest should apply by emailing  by 30 January  2022.


On behalf of the Education Committee, we are looking forward to your applications.


Anastasia Kopita

Chair Education Committee



Application requirements

1. Nominee has been an EAA member for at least 2 years before application, and is not a current member of the EAA Management Committee, EAA committee chairs, current EAA journal editors, and members of the Education Committee.

2. Nominee bio details

3. Reflective narrative that discusses the innovation/teaching practice (including the particular contribution and its specific context) (1,500 words max* and a short 3 min impact video that clearly presents the innovation/teaching practice and its contribution)

4. 2 page max CV relevant to education achievements

5. A list of education scholarship, such as teaching/educational cases, (v)blogs, videos, learning strategies, teaching manuals, materials describing the design and implementation of curricula, textbooks/ chapters in textbooks, conference workshops, instructional software and/or published articles.

6. Two advocate letters of support. The letters should each be no more than one (1) A4 page and should identify the nominee’s contributions to education excellence over the past few years and the impact on the academic community. In the event that the nominee receives an award, the text of these statements of support may be used to prepare the citation to be read on the occasion of the presentation of the award. It is a bonus if one of the letters is provided by an external advocate outside the nominee’s school or institution (e.g., the advocate could also come from accounting practice).


Award assessment criteria

The EAA Awards Committee will review the nominations and accompanying material received and will also seek and obtain whatever additional information it requires to reach a decision. The following assessment criteria will be used:

  1. Extent to which the claims for excellence are supported by formal and informal evidence of impact on student learning including recognition of that impact;
  2. Extent of creativity, imagination or innovation, irrespective of whether the approach involves traditional learning environments or technology-based developments.
  3. Influenced student learning, student engagement, providing a more inclusive approach to learning, or the overall student experience.
  4. Gained recognition from fellow staff, the institution, and/or the broader accounting education community.
  5. Education scholarship that has influenced and enhanced learning and teaching and/or the student experience.




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