EFRAG’s 2020 Annual Review

Posted by BAHA DIYAROV - Jun 28, 2021

Dear EFRAG contributor,

We are happy to share with you EFRAG’s 2020 Annual Review. The highlights include EFRAG’s work on:


  • Sustainability reporting:

    • Project on Reporting on Non-financial Risks and Opportunities and the Linkage to the Business Model
    • EU Sustainability Reporting Standards


  • Financial reporting:

    • IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts – closure at last
    • Primary Financial Statements
    • Goodwill and Impairment

The Annual Review also introduces you to our research projects notably:

  • Crypto-assets and liabilities
  • Intangibles

Despite the consequences of the global pandemic hitting Europe in the beginning of 2020, EFRAG has been successfully delivering on its mission to serve the public interest by developing and promoting European views in the field of financial and corporate reporting.

Your contribution, as a key member of the reporting community, has enhanced our ability to deliver thought leadership, have an upstream influence over developments in IFRS Standards and provide endorsement advice to the European Commission.

We look forward to welcoming your future contributions regarding corporate reporting as part of the activities of the European Lab and the responsibility EFRAG has been assigned under the proposal for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive to provide technical advice in the form of draft EU sustainability reporting standards to the European Commission.

Hopefully the COVID-19 crisis is behind us, we look forward to a productive second half of the year in 2021 and thank you for your continued commitment to making EFRAG the European voice in corporate reporting.

Enjoy reading this glimpse at EFRAG’s activity!

You can access the publication here.


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