EAA junior network – “Meet the Editors”: Beatriz Garcia Osma, European Accounting Review

Posted by GIOVANNA MICHELON - Jan 14, 2022

Dear EAA members,

EAA is pleased to continue the new series of “Meet the Editors” events.

For the healthy future of our accounting academe, it is essential that PhD students and junior faculty learn how to navigate the increasingly high expectations set on the quality of research work. This series of events provides early career scholars with an opportunity to learn and discuss how to successfully manage the competitive process of paper publication.

The second EAA “Meet the Editors” virtual session will take place on Zoom on March 22, 2022 at 4.00 pm CET (e.g. Brussels time), featuring Beatriz Garcia Osma, the Editor of the European Accounting Review (EAR). EAR is one of the house journals of the European Accounting Association, it has international reach and aims to provide a platform for the wider dissemination of high-quality European accounting research. EAR is flexible in receiving manuscripts adopting various methodological approaches, styles of research and originating in a diversity of geographical locations.

EAR encourages the work of early academic scholars and Beatriz will gladly answer your questions on how to get your papers published in this journal.

Come to “Meet the Editors” in an interactive and friendly fashion! Registration is open at this link.

EAA Virtual Activities Committee


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