Enhancing Academic Growth: A 3 months Visit to Lancaster University’s Accounting and Finance Department

Posted by ARC Commitee - Jun 09, 2023

I am Damiano Cesa Bianchi, a Ph.D. student from the University of Pisa, embarked on a visit to Lancaster University’s Accounting and Finance department, as part of the EAA ARC International Ph.D. Visit Scheme. The experience proved to be a catalyst for intellectual growth and personal development. Engaging in a range of activities, including attending the AcF862 PhD Seminar on Advanced Accounting, participating in department seminars, meeting with supervisors, and interacting with fellow PhD students, I gained valuable insights that shaped my research journey.

The AcF862 PhD Seminar, led by Professor Igor Goncharov, provided an enlightening experience. Exploring core issues associated with empirical accounting research, I developed critical thinking skills and expanded his understanding of incremental contribution, theoretical arguments, and research design choices.

Attending department seminars offered opportunities to stay updated with current research trends and connect with renowned scholars and practitioners. Through lively discussions and networking, I deepened his knowledge of various research areas within the discipline.

The meetings with supervisors played a crucial role in refining my research project. Seeking guidance and receiving feedback on progress, I benefited from their expertise and insights, shaping his research approach and methodology.

Engaging with fellow PhD students created a sense of community and allowed for the exchange of ideas and best practices. Gaining insights into their research projects broadened my perspective and sparked new ideas for my own work.

Overall, the visit to Lancaster University’s Accounting and Finance department provided numerous opportunities for intellectual growth. My critical thinking skills were enhanced, I stayed abreast of current research trends, received valuable guidance, and built connections within the academic community. This transformative experience will undoubtedly shape my future research and academic pursuits.


Damiano Cesa Bianchi

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