Update from the EAA Stakeholder Reporting Committee – Response to the Request for Information- Consultation on Agenda Priorities, issued by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Posted by Liz Demers and Joanna Krasodomska on behalf of the EAA Stakeholder Reporting Committee (EAA SRC).

Posted by JOANNA KRASODOMSKA - Oct 03, 2023

The ISSB published the Request for Information Consultation on Agenda Priorities on 4 May 2023.

The objective of the agenda consultation was to ask all those interested in sustainability-related financial reporting for their views on:

  • the strategic direction and balance of the ISSB’s activities;
  • the suitability of criteria for assessing which sustainability-related matters (including topics, industries and activities) to prioritize and add to the ISSB’s work plan; and
  • a proposed list of new research and standard-setting projects that could be added to the ISSB’s work plan.

In reply to the Consultation Paper on Request for Information, the Stakeholder Reporting Committee of the European Accounting Association (“the SRC”) submitted its survey response on August 25th. This response outlines the SRC’s position in relation to the issues raised therein.

In the submitted response, the SRC held the view that activities such as “beginning new research and standard-setting projects” and “supporting the implementation of ISSB Standards” should be assigned the highest priority among the ISSB activities. The SRC acknowledged that the ISSB had identified suitable criteria for assessing sustainability reporting matters that could be added to the ISSB’s work plan but presented some reservations about their practical implementation. Concerning new research and standard-setting projects that could have been added to the ISSB’s work plan, the SRC believed that projects focusing on “biodiversity, ecosystems, and ecosystem services” and “human capital and human rights” carried equal significance and were considerably more important than “integration in reporting”. The SRC also recommended either merging the two human-related projects into a single cohesive project (named “own workforce”), or alternatively, retaining both human-related projects but renaming them. Additionally, the SRC suggested leveraging and building upon the several frameworks that were currently in place because of their relevance to the raised issues and widespread application. Moreover, the SRC proposed adding Tax Transparency as a priority project.

The detailed responses to survey questions can be found here.

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