10th Annual Conference on Risk Governance

Oct 27, 2022
Siegen, Germany
Aug 31, 2022

The previous conferences have highlighted different priorities: the tasks of risk governance, risk governance and change, the organization of risk governance, the influence of culture, methodological issues, roles and actors of risk governance, and risk governance in SMEs. The 10th Annual Conference on Risk Governance and the Journal of Management Control will focus on “Courageous Risk Governance: Enabling Resilience, Autonomy, and New Thinking”, opening the field towards new horizons of management and going beyond the generic function of risk governance. In particular, we would like to ignite research on how individual organizations keep up some independence in steering risk despite growing needs for standardization (e.g., due to frameworks such as COSO) and how risk governance approaches enable new thinking in individual organizations. In addition, the ongoing pandemic provides an interesting opportunity for empirical research on the value of risk governance and risk management approaches in effectively tackling the crisis and for developing resilience going forward. So: What could it mean to claim autonomy as a company and rethink risk governance in a “courageous” way?

We are open to all types of research methods. Suitable topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Antecedents and effects of an increased convergence of risk governance approaches and management control systems
  • The evolving and potentially converging role of controllers and risk managers in situations of crises and beyond
  • Integrating risk metrics in reward systems and performance measurement systems
  • Firm-specific designs of control systems and risk management in the light of increasing regulation of risk management frameworks
  • The joint or disjoint role of control systems, risk governance and risk management in fighting organizational crises and developing resilience
  • The enabling role of strategically oriented risk governance approaches and control systems in enabling organizational change and new thinking
  • The role of control systems and risk governance approaches in courageous decision-taking
  • Challenges and potential solutions for the integration of individual risk management practices

This year, the conference will be associated with a special issue of the Journal of Management Control (JoMaC), which will focus on “Courageous Risk Governance: Enabling Resilience, Autonomy, and New Thinking”. This special issue’s call for papers can be found at: https://www.wiwi.uni-siegen.de/mac/aktuelles/cfp_jomac_special_issue_courageous_risk_governance.pdf.

Manuscripts not disclosing the identities of their authors can be submitted to the conference, to the special issue, or to both. Thus, participation at the conference is not required for submission to the special issue. For participation at the conference extended abstracts (1-2 pages) can be submitted as well. Details and electronic addresses for submissions may be found in the below timetable. More information on risk governance research at the University of Siegen is available at: http://www.riskgovernance.de. The first day of the conference will presumably focus on academically-oriented topics, while the second day of the conference will focus on topics with strong links to practice.

University of Siegen
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