18th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and 9th Organisational Governance Conference

Sep 10, 2019
Barcelos, Portugal
May 30, 2019
For the 2019 international conference, we go to Portugal and the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) will host the conference at their Barcelos Campus. The conference will be organised jointly by the Research Center of Accounting and Taxation (CICF) of the Management School of IPCA and the Social Responsibility Research Network (SRRNet). We are now in our 18th year and we have not yet visited Portugal – so it is now time to do so and we visit the historic Roman town of Barcelos. We are excited by this conference and looking forward to joining with you at this event. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gradually spilled over to the other fields of inquiry so much so that today we can speak about the inclusion of social responsibility in any type of human activity (business, politics, justice, etc.). Increasingly the term social responsibility, corporate responsibility, sustainability and governance have become intertwined and are often treated as synonymous. It seems that CSR has become so well established that it is incorporated into the planning of all organisations: not just private enterprises but also public bodies and institutions. With this in mind we think it is time to explore this phenomenon and how it is incorporated and how it works in practice. Accordingly we have set the theme for this year’s conference as a focus upon both public and private perspectives on CSR. This conference is designed to act as a forum for the debate and analysis of contemporary issues in this broad area. It is intended to attract people from a wide variety of disciplines and geographic regions for an exchange of views. The conference is intended to be interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from anyone who has a perspective on this important issue.
Offers to run workshops, symposia, poster sessions, themed tracks or alternative events are especially welcome. Please contact either Shahla Seifi (shahlaseifi@yahoo.com) or David Crowther (davideacrowther@aol.com) with suggestions.
Although preference will be given to full papers, abstracts of 200-500 words will also be considered. All papers and abstracts should be sent by 30th May 2019 by email to davideacrowther@aol.com or shahlaseifi@yahoo.com No more than 2 papers will be accepted from any author. Final version of the accepted papers will be required by 30th of July 2019. We will publish proceedings but we encourage all delegates to further seek to get their paper published in an appropriate outlet. Advice will be given during the conference. We also expect to follow our normal practice and a book of selected papers will be published. Full details concerning other publishing opportunities for the papers presented at the conference will be provided.
The conference will be held in Barcelos, a Roman settlement in northern Portugal. Barcelos is a UNESCO Crafts and Folk City. It is home of the famous Rooster of Barcelos – often taken as a symbol of Portugal – as well as the largest open market in the country. The conference fee will include meals and conference materials. There is plenty of good hotel accommodation nearby to suit all budgets and details will be given with registration details. Social and entertainment programme details will be announced later. Delegates will need to check their requirement for a visa to visit the country.


IPCA Management School and Social Responsibility Research Network
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