The 2020 Performance Measurement Association Conference

Sep 13, 2020
Groningen. The Netherlands
Apr 30, 2020


Call For papers

Performance Measurement and Management


 Dynamic Environments

12th PMA conference 13th to 16th September 2020

Groningen, Netherlands

Conference Co-Chairs

Professor Paula van Veen-Dirks, University of Groningen

Professor Mike Bourne, Cranfield University


The next PMA conference is to be held at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands between Sunday 13th and Wednesday 16th September 2020.

Performance measurement and management has a long history in both the academic and practitioner literatures, but in this conference, we will be focusing on the use and issues with performance measurement and management in dynamic environments. Dynamic environments create particular issues around speed of response, flexibility and data management. There are also the thorny problems of control, use of information and delegation, which are usually exacerbated in dynamic environments. Organisations that can’t keep pace with change will suffer and ultimately not survive. So the performance measurement and management issues are at the heart of management in our fast changing world.

We are a multi-disciplinary conference, at the intersection of strategy execution, operations, management accounting and control and HR practices. Further we are interested in the application of our work, so fascinated by developments in practice and the practical implications of academic research.

In this conference we would like to see papers addressing the topic of performance measurement and management (PMM) in dynamic environments and particularly (but not exclusively) papers on:

  • The use of measures to communicate changes in strategy or policy
  • Keeping measures and strategy aligned in dynamic environments
  • Measures for sensing environmental change
  • Real time feedback from measures and reshaping of strategy and policy
  • The culture and management style needed for effective PMM
  • Different approaches to control in dynamic environments
  • Delegation of authority and responsibility in dynamic environments
  • The role of PMM in balancing innovation and control
  • Governance in periods of rapid change
  • Challenges for budgeting in dynamic environments and how they can be overcome
  • Continuously aligning and re-aligning operations with organisational strategy
  • Operational improvement in dynamic environments
  • Measurement and management of new product / service development
  • Real time data monitoring and response in operations
  • PMM in projects and change
  • Recognition and reward issues in PMM
  • Performance measurement in nonfinancial and financial dimensions (such as costs or profitability).
  • The use of PMM in decision making
  • Sense making and the design and use of performance measurement
  • The mechanisms of PMM use in decision making and taking action
  • The impact of PMM on performance of the organisation
  • Emerging practices in PMM
  • Case examples of effective (and ineffective) use of PMM systems
  • Digital advances and the impact of and on PMM systems
  • Unintended (or dysfunctional) consequences of PMM


We are interested in papers reporting work across the private and public sector as well as not for profit organisations and social enterprises. We expect papers from a wide variety of academic disciplines and from practitioners who are aware of the wider field and have contributions to make in terms of new developments in practice or useful experiences of what does and doesn’t work. We are interested in conceptual papers, case and field research, action research, experimental research, archival research and survey based research that contributes to our understanding of the field.


Closing date for papers 30th April 2020


University of Groningen
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