2022 ICVG (CGB) Conference: Governance in its institutional context

Dec 15, 2022
Melbourne, Australia
Aug 31, 2022

Good governance within organisations doesn’t necessarily ensure they can effectively weather crises. Why is that and what can we do about it?

With organisations increasingly operating in ambiguous, volatile and complex environments, understanding effective governance within the institutional context – via board monitoring, managerial incentives, risk management and other systems – is crucial and challenging.

The International Consortium for Values-Based Governance (ICVG) at the Centre for Global Business (CGB) is hosting a conference examining governance in its institutional context. The conference will be held at Monash University Caulfield campus, Melbourne, Australia as well as virtually via Zoom.

Featuring leading governance experts, this conference evaluates the latest research insights to determine the mechanisms of effective governance and understand why they can fail, in order to inform future research, practice and policy.

Call for papers
We invite the submission of studies from any relevant theoretical source discipline and employing any relevant research method, including case/field studies, surveys, archival studies, experiments, ethnographic and historical papers, plus conceptually-engaged descriptive work or thought pieces. Papers at different stages of research are welcome.

A separate track related to governance and management control systems will be available at the ICVG Conference. This feature of the conference will be held in conjunction with the publication of a special issue of Management Accounting Research (MAR).

Papers at different stages of research are welcome. Deadline for submission (manuscript, title, and abstract): 31 August 2022. Notification of decisions will be sent by the first week of October 2022.

More detailed information is provided here: https://www.monash.edu/business/events/2022-icvg-conference-governance-i…

For any questions about the conference, please contact the conference chair, Christo Karuna, at christo.karuna@monash.edu.

International Consortium for Values-Based Governance
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