2024 CAAA Annual Conference

Jun 14, 2024
Halifax, NS
Jan 15, 2024

We live in an increasingly connected world, whether that be across industry or across oceans. An economic or geopolitical splash on one side of the world can have ripple effects across the globe. But these ripple effects need not be negative. The theme of the 2024 Conference is “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.” We vision a rising tide as new ecosystems that are self-sustaining and organically growing with positive spillover effects on all stakeholders across the world. This inclusive, shared value growth culture is vital for maintaining true sustainability in all areas, whether that be government policy, the corporate world and capital markets, our society, and our environment.

We invite papers in all areas of accounting to keep “The Rising Tide.” We encourage papers written in French and English with a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. Additionally, papers that study accounting questions through an indigenous lens are highly welcome. The 2024 conference will be in person; hybrid/virtual presentation or attendance options will not be available.

Submit papers in English or French, in PDF format to: https://www.abstractscorecard.com/cfp/submit/login.asp?EventKey=GMYOMIBL

Event Language:
English, French,
Association Conference
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