2nd Conference on Games, Simulations and Playful Learning in Accounting and Finance Education

Apr 20, 2021
Mar 20, 2021
2nd Conference on Games, Simulations and Playful Learning in Accounting and Finance Education
Date: Tuesday 20th April 2021 (9.30am – 13.30pm UK time)
First Call for Presentations
This is the first call for papers for the 2nd GSAFE conference on games simulations and playful learning in accounting and finance education, to be hosted (online) by Aston Business School, Birmingham. The conference theme has an broad scope, and we invite presentations regarding both the use of these pedagogical techniques in learning and teaching practice, and also research into this area of accounting education. We aim to interpret the theme of our research group as broadly as possible, and therefore, we invite contributions from teachers, lecturers, tutors, trainers, developers, and researchers in this field, with all sectors welcome (e.g. higher education, further education, corporate programmes, etc.).
During the conferences there will be plenary presentations and panel discussions. So far, we have secured plenary presentations from the following individuals:
 Professor Jordi Carenys Head of Department: Finance and Management Control, EADA Business School, Barcelona, Visiting Professorial Fellow in Accounting, Aston Business School, United Kingdom (Digital Game-Based Learning in Accounting Education).
 Matt Davies, Senior Lecturer, Accounting Department, Aston University, United Kingdom (Developing a Mobile Accounting Application: Count FEFE)
 Susan Whittaker, Cardiff Business School and Helen Scott, Liverpool University (Using an Online Simulation to Teach Audit in a Face-to-Face, Online and Blended Learning Format: AuditSim)
 Darren Sparkes, De Montfort University (Using Accounting Bissim)
 Toby York, Middlesex University, (Concept Mapping in Accounting Education and ‘Colour Accounting’)
The list of plenary speakers will be extended in the coming weeks. We aim to integrate virtual networking spaces into our conference, and if applicable, parallel sessions loosely gathered around themes within the field of games, simulations and playful learning in accounting.
We therefore invite one-page summaries/abstracts detailing the subject of the presentation, along with a brief summary.
We invite contributions from participants regarding topics that could include (but are not limited to):
 The presentation of a particular game/simulation for educational purposes
 How you/colleagues have used business games/simulations in your learning and teaching practice (including online delivery)
 Observations regarding student performance, satisfaction, learning outcomes or other potential benefits/drawbacks of utilising games/simulations
 Conceptual/theoretical stances on games/simulations and/or gamification in accounting and wider education
 Playful learning techniques
 The use of quiz/polling software such as Vevox, Kahoot etc.
 Any other application or research concerning of games/simulations or playful learning
Deadline for submissions: 20th March 2021
Email for submissions: gsafe2021@aston.ac.uk
Conference Fee: The conference operates with a voluntary, variable fee structure. Participants may choose how much they wish to donate towards covering the running costs of the conference. We therefore have a three-tier system:
 £0 (mainly aimed at PhD students and those without financial backing)
 £5
 £10
Should you have any further questions or informal queries regarding the conference, please email Dr David Yates: d.yates@aston.ac.uk.


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