2nd Workshop “Building research capacity in Social and Environmental Accounting Research: reflections on the urgency of environmental crisis”

Oct 18, 2023
Universidad de Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain
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This workshop will take place the 18th October 2023, immediately before the 14th CSEAR Spain Conference (XIV Reunión de Investigación en Contabilidad Social y Medioambiental) that will be held the 19th and 20th October 2023 in University headquarters in the city of Córdoba, organized by University of Córdoba and CICSMA from Pablo de Olavide University.

Purpose and Introduction
This second workshop intends to continue reflecting on how to foster research capabilities, social infrastructure, research funding opportunities, knowledge co-creation and engagement opportunities with practice and profession, policy making and education with the aim of seriously addressing the urgency of environmental crisis from our research community.
Current socio-environmental crisis demands imagination, collaboration, commitment and short term action from different fields. For that purpose, the workshop aims to debate about the role of our community in facing this huge challenge, imaging and devising distinct courses of action in the three
aforementioned realms: 1) practice and profession, 2) policy making and 3) education.

This workshop intends to be an opened forum to debate, without the time restrictions we use to have in traditional conferences and workshops.

The workshop will start with a brief introduction by our two keynote speakers, Helen Tregidga and Jesse Dillard followed by a small-group interaction and an exchange of view plenary session.

We understand this exercise as a vital one to foster learning, cohesion, and identity within our community and to further develop current CSEAR research structures.

Those interested in participating in this workshop must select the option “Conference + Workshop” in
the conference website registration menu.

Further details for registration will be provided on the conference website: https://www.upo.es/congresos/csear-spain2023

Contact information: csear_spain2023@uco.es

Carmen Correa and Mercedes Luque
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