Analytics in Accounting with Christian Hofmann – Limperg Institute

Sep 11, 2023
University of Amsterdam (on campus)
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Analytics in Accounting

September 11-15, 2023 (5 days), with Christian Hofmann.

Venue: University of Amsterdam (on campus).

Academics conducting empirical (including experimental) work often have a great challenge in developing a model that underlies their theory. In analytical work, such models resemble the core of theory. The Limperg course on Analytics in Accounting aims at helping PhD students to develop their theory and to evaluate how models can help them to articulate their theory.

The objectives of this course include:

  1. To introduce students to the theoretical foundations of accounting.
  2. To introduce students to structuring and analytically solving choice problems related to incentives and performance measurement.
  3. To facilitate the application or development of theory for research projects in accounting.

While the course is taught in a management accounting setting, the scope of the course extends to accounting at large.

More information, other courses, and registration

The course outlines, registration forms, and information about other upcoming Limperg courses can be found at A registration fee of €500 applies to students from partner universities of the Limperg Institute, while a fee of €1000 applies to students from other universities. Please see for information about the partner universities.

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