CAAA Annual Conference 2021 – Call for papers

Jun 10, 2021
Jan 19, 2021
Diversity/ La diversité
Call for research and education submissions
Submission deadline: January 19, 2021
Conference dates: June 10 to 12, 2021 (synchronous)
Location: online – everywhere!
“It is not our differences that divide us.
It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences” – Audre Lorde
Diversity of perspective fosters creativity and dialogue, which leads to innovation. As our world becomes rapidly more connected by the advent of technology, being open to diverse environments, thoughts and perspectives has been increasingly crucial for knowledge creation and mobilization. Reflecting this change, the theme of CAAA 2021 is Diversity.
Through the great changes the world has been enduring since last year, we have demonstrated that we can stay connected, and remain close to our academic community even when we are far away from each other, geographically speaking. This ability to be far, and yet close, to be different, and yet still share much in common, is a strength.
As members of CAAA, we build our community of academics and practitioners from within and outside Canada. We recognize that we have various research and teaching interests, diverse backgrounds, and use a variety of methodologies and pedagogies to create and disseminate knowledge. We develop and present our research and teaching in different languages and contexts, for varied audiences. Indeed, diversity is one of the Key Values of the CAAA. Our organization is open and inclusive, and we firmly believe diversity ensures the sustainability of our future. Therefore, we use our 2021 conference and related online activities as the platform to advance our understanding of the following questions:
– How can multimethod or multidisciplinary approaches stimulate innovation in accounting research?
– What can we learn from less studied geographical, linguistic or institutional environments?
– What are the impacts of (the lack of) diversity in the accounting profession and in accounting academia?
– How can we conduct research and teach in ways that are relevant for a diverse contemporary society?
– Can we implement teaching and learning strategies that will develop students with a global mindset?
– How does diversity in faculty impact student learning?
The CAAA Conference and Education Chairs encourage all conference delegates to volunteer as a discussant, reviewer or moderator. Participating in a volunteer role gives you a more rewarding experience, and makes a better conference for us all.
Research Stream questions:
Sophie Audousset-Coulier, Concordia University or
Li Yao, Concordia University
Education Stream questions:
Sonia Dhaliwal, University of Guelph
Research Sessions
Submission guidelines
Submit papers in English or French, in PDF format to
All submissions will be considered for parallel sessions with discussants. In line with the conference theme, we plan to organize some thematic sessions about diversity.
Submissions must include an abstract of not more than 250 words. You will be asked to select topic and methodology areas to assist with grouping research paper sessions.
Author identification should appear on the cover page only. The title should appear on the abstract page and the first page of the body of the paper. Please submit electronic versions of both the full text of the paper including the cover page, and a blind file (the full text without the cover page or author identification).
During the submission process you will be asked to:
• Indicate if you would like your paper to be considered for The Lazaridis Institute Prize for Best Paper on Accounting Issues Affecting High-Growth Technology Firms.
• Indicate if you would like your paper to be considered for thematic sessions on diversity.
Indicate if you would like your paper to be considered for the Accounting Perspectives Symposium,
• Declare that the paper is original work and that at the time of submission it has not been accepted for publication.
At least one author of the submitted paper must be a CAAA member.
An author may submit a maximum of five papers and will be allowed a maximum of two presentations in parallel sessions.
By submitting a paper for consideration for the CAAA Conference, you are agreeing that:
• You or a co-author will attend the online conference to present the paper if it is accepted.
• You and/or a co-author will review at least two other papers.
• You or a co-author will be a discussant for another paper if your paper is accepted and presented.
All papers submitted will will receive a double-blind review facilitated by members of the 2021 Scientific Committee.
Authors will be informed of paper acceptance by March 15, 2021.
2021 CAAA Annual Conference Chairs
Sophie Audousset-Coulier and Li Yao, Concordia University
Education Sessions
Does being part of the education paradigm excite you? Are you thrilled knowing you are shaping the leaders of tomorrow? If staying abreast on advances in accounting education is one of your priorities then come share your expertise and experience with us at the conference.
The CAAA Education Committee invites three types of contributions, in English or French:
Micro-learning: Can you share a teaching success in 15 minutes? For example: a practice related to the conference theme, an exercise to engage students, activities to help you thrive as an educator, a community-building classroom resource. Micro-learning segments should come with a takeaway (a slide, an activity, a reflection as homework) that will become part of a “dippable” online repository of practical resources for when inspiration needs a boost. They can be delivered in a synchronous or asynchronous format. Submit a 150-word summary to:
Practical workshop presentation, or presentation of research results: Deliver a workshop on teaching practices through a 45-minute or 90-minute session (examples: 30-minute delivery with 15-minute Q&A; 30-minute delivery, with 30-minute workshop activity and 30-minute plenary/Q&A); or present your research results through a 45-minute session (30-minute presentation followed by 15-minute Q&A).
Submit a 300-word summary to:
Topics include, but are not restricted to:
• Diverse and inclusive teaching practices
• Design and use of innovative teaching strategies tested in class (simulations, games and role plays, practical activities, stories…)
• Teaching in collaboration with or by inspiring the practice of the accounting profession in an inclusive manner
• Preparing open-minded and inclusive students for the future of practice
• Raising reasoning skills among students and future leaders of the profession
• Creating an effective, constructive and diversified teaching and learning environment
• Data analytics and diversity
• Sharing innovative ideas for teaching different disciplines in accounting.
Proposals will be evaluated by two Education Committee members. We look forward to receiving your
Authors will be informed of paper acceptance by March 15, 2021.
2020-2022 CAAA Education Chair, Sonia Dhaliwal, University of Guelph


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