Cambridge Disinformation Summit

Jul 28, 2022
Cambridge University
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The 2022 Cambridge Disinformation Summit, held in cooperation with The Centre for Financial Reporting & Accountability (CFRA) at Cambridge University, Center for Accounting Research and Education (CARE) at the University of Notre Dame, Journal of Financial Reporting (JFR), Cambridge Judge Business School Psychometrics Centre, and the University of Zurich Accounting Faculty, is the first of two conferences dedicated to understanding disinformation and supporting cross-discipline research regarding disinformation incentives, use, impact, or the efficacy of mitigation efforts.

Disinformation, defined as “false, inaccurate, or misleading information designed, presented and promoted to intentionally cause public harm or for profit,” presents an urgent threat in many domains, including financial markets, electoral politics, extremist violence, healthcare, human rights, radicalization, and relationships of people to their societies, employers, and digital and local communities.

The Cambridge Disinformation Summit will introduce accounting scholars to practitioners, scholars, and policy makers in psychology, journalism, financial reporting, political science, and other relevant fields, to share learning about the nature of disinformation across settings and discuss potential ideas for future collaborative research about disinformation. The Summit will host plenary sessions and cross-discipline interactive breakout sessions to allow shared perspectives and engagement between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. The first day closes with a keynote dinner at Cambridge’s historic King’s College.

The Cambridge Disinformation Summit is intended to seed collaborative cross-discipline research to support a subsequent 2023 Journal of Financial Reporting Conference on Disinformation.

Conference invitations will be extended before the end of January 2022.

See: for more information.

2023 JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL REPORTING CONFERENCE ON DISINFORMATION (Pre-Announcement): JFR will invite scholars from all disciplines, as well as practitioners and policy-makers, to submit proposals for presentations that address aspects of disinformation such as (but not limited to):
– Techniques for preventing, detecting or reducing the harm of disinformation;
– Insights into disinformation arising from specific research disciplines (e.g., Journalism or Psychology) or domains (e.g., healthcare or radicalization);
– Research opportunities on disinformation allowed by new theories, data sources, frameworks, and methods;
– Lessons learned about disinformation from practice or policy-making.

Papers will be edited by JFR editors and guest editor Brad Badertscher. Acceptance by the editors for the 2023 Conference will be considered evidence of contribution.

Cambridge University
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