EDEN Doctoral seminar on quantitative empirical research in management accounting

Dec 13, 2021
Brussels, Belgium
Oct 08, 2021

This EDEN course will focus on quantitative empirical research methods used in management accounting research (archival, experiment, quantitative field study, and survey) and frequently used theoretical perspectives including economic theories (agency, value of information, organizational architecture, and complementarities in organization design), organizational contingency theorizing (selection fit, interaction fit, and system fit), and psychology theories (cognition, motivation, and social). In addition, general concepts related to the design, conduct, and evaluation of theory-consistent empirical research will be presented.

This course will consist of pre-class readings, lectures, discussions, participant-team work groups, and participant-team presentations.  You will realize more benefit from this EDEN if you read the assigned readings before attending it. You should expect that there will be a homework assignment for each evening during this EDEN.

Event Language:
Educational Course / Workshop
Target Group:
Doctoral student
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