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Jul 18, 2024
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Jan 15, 2023

Organizer: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
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Type: Call for Applications
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Target Group: Bachelor and Master students
Topic: Ph.D. program in Accounting, Finance, and Management

Call for Applications, 10 fully-funded Ph.D. fellowships

Frankfurt School offers a five-year full-time Ph.D. program in Accounting, Finance, and Management. We are looking to attract the most talented doctoral students in these fields and provide a stimulating, challenging, yet nurturing environment. Students based in Africa, Asia, and Latin-America are especially encouraged to apply.

Researchers at Frankfurt School work on fundamental problems that challenge firms and society: How should firms and investors respond to climate change? Can markets be redesigned to support fair outcomes? Does working from home improve gender equality? How can machine learning and AI help us analyze and solve complex decision problems?

The Frankfurt School doctoral program equips students to contribute to these debates. The first two years consist of common classes in which students focus on analytical and methodological skills. Students also take courses in their chosen area of academic specialization in Accounting, Finance, or Management, which provides the foundations from which to develop research topics. The program encourages students to broaden their scope and obtain training in related areas such as data sciences, operations research, or economics.

The coursework phase ends when students successfully pass their Qualifying Exam and graduate to the dissertation phase. At this time, students have the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) as part of their doctoral program. In the dissertation stage (years 3-5), students are fully involved in research and write their dissertations.

Frankfurt School faculty regularly publish in leading scholarly journals and have editorial experience for top outlets, including Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Accounting Research, and The Accounting Review. Faculty members work closely with students, both as mentors and as co-authors. While our primary intention is to provide graduates with an ideal platform to enter the world of academia, their training allows students to develop solutions for complex problems, making them valuable for careers in government, banks, regulatory agencies, and corporations.

We offer full tuition waivers and financial support for up to 10 positions across the three fields. (Tax-free) stipends are 1820 euros/month and are available for the full five years of the program. We welcome applications from candidates with excellent educational records and strong quantitative skills. Candidates need to have a Bachelor’s degree at minimum, but most successful candidates have already completed a graduate-level program. English language skills should be at the C2-level (CEFR).

Successful applicants usually have GMAT scores over 700 and IELTS scores of Band 8. Each Frankfurt School Ph.D. cohort brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including domestic and international students and students from underrepresented populations.

FS also offers pre-doctoral fellowships for talented students who might not have had a chance to take rigorous quantitative coursework or cannot submit GMAT/GRE or IELTS test scores. Please get in touch with the doctoral program office for more information.

Application deadline is on 15 January 2023

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