RAST Call for Papers 2023

Dec 08, 2023
University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK
May 22, 2023

Review of Accounting Studies 2023 Conference

Current Topics in Accounting Research

Friday, December 8th and Saturday, December 9th, 2023

LOCATION: University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK

The Editors of the Review of Accounting Studies (RAST) are pleased to announce a conference on “Current Topics in Accounting Research” to be hosted by the University of Cambridge. Papers accepted for the conference are also considered for publication in RAST’s September Conference Issue.

TOPICS: We invite the submission of research papers on all current topics in accounting, including valuation and accounting quality, fin-tech, corporate social responsibility, sustainability reporting and disclosure, auditing, and tax. We are also interested in papers that examine disinformation or mal-information either reported by firms or produced by other parties that impact firms. Papers should adhere to RAST’s traditional standards of academic rigor.

USEFUL KNOWLEDGE: Preference will be given to papers that provide meaningful implications that are relevant to society and have the potential to inform policies and practices.

FURTHER INFORMATION: The deadline for conference submissions is May 22, 2023, by 11:59 PM, GMT. All papers submitted, including those not accepted for the conference, will still be considered for possible publication in RAST. Authors will be informed of editorial decisions for the conference by late-August 2023. A cash prize of $5,000 will be awarded for the best paper based on a vote of conference attendees.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Conference papers should be submitted online with a submission fee of $500 USD at: https://www.london.edu/faculty-and-research/accounting/review-of-accounting-studies

For more information, contact rast_journal@london.edu

University of Cambridge
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