Rethinking Responsibility: Agents and Structures

Dec 06, 2018
Montreal, Canada
Aug 15, 2018

This two-day international conference brings together academics and professionals from a variety of disciplines to rethink responsibility in business.

What does responsibility in business mean today? How can we re-think responsibility in business to better prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, such as widening inequalities, massmigrations, the digital age, climate change, political extremism?

This conference seeks to encourage and outline answers to these questions by promoting conversations about responsibility and irresponsibility in business that consider agents, structures in which agents are embedded, and the ways in which agents and structures are linked.

We invite submissions for qualitative, quantitative and theoretical papers that address, but are not limited to, the following questions:

– What is responsibility in business and how has it evolved over time
and across cultures?
– How is responsibility in business related to concepts such as
accountability, inequality, justice, fairness, etc.?
– What are the key questions regarding responsibility in business
today? How can researchers and educators approach these
– What are the roles of agents in (ir)responsible business? What
agents are key for (ir)responsible business? What facilitates and
constrains their roles?
– What are the role of structures in (ir)responsible business? What
structures are important for (ir)responsible business? What are the
implications of structures for agents?
– What are the ways in which agents and structures are linked? How
has this link evolved over time?
– What have we learned from past research on responsibility in
business? What are the gaps left by past research?
– What theories can we use to rethink responsibility in business (from
economics, sociology, philosophy, political science, etc.)?
During the last decades, scholars and professionals have thought about responsibility in business and developed practices to promote a more responsible approach to business. Despite these efforts, barriers persist and irresponsibility in business remains pervasive. The purpose of this
conference is to learn about these barriers and to address them, in order to lay the foundation for over-coming irresponsibility in business and for addressing its detrimental consequences for society.
The John Molson School of Business is a lively community of scholars committed to understanding business practices from a rich set of perspectives and to promoting responsible approaches to business.
The conference “Rethinking Responsibility: Agents and Structures” offers opportunities for novel and unconventional thinking and rethinking on responsibility in business by drawing on a scholars and professionals who stem from different fields and use different research approaches.
We invite you to join us for this innovative conference!
The conference is organized by Claudine Mangen, who is the RBC Professor in Responsible Organizations at JMSB, and by Cédric Lesage, who holds the Lawrence Bloomberg Chair in Accountancy at JSMB.


John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
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