Stanford University Accounting Conference on Sustainability Reporting and Control

Mar 10, 2023
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Dec 01, 2022

The Stanford Graduate School of Business and Doerr School of Sustainability are pleased to host a conference on the subject of “Sustainability Reporting and Control,” at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, on March 10-11, 2023.

This conference seeks to bring together leading academic accounting scholars working on and interested in ESG and Sustainability-related research topics. We invite the submission of research papers examining the measurement, reporting, and disclosure of a firm’s environmental and sustainability-related practices, the governance role of sustainability-related information and systems inside the firm, and the use of sustainability-related information by parties both inside and outside the firm. Relevant topics for the conference include (but are not limited to):

– Incentives surrounding ESG or Sustainability Reporting decisions.
– Economic consequences of ESG and Sustainability reporting activities.
– Measurement of environmental risks, costs, and exposures.
– Use of sustainability metrics, information, and control systems for stewardship, governance, and internal decision making.
– Interaction of sustainable reporting with the firm’s governance structure and activities.
– How investors or other capital market participants use, process, gather, and produce sustainability-related information.
– How non-capital-market stakeholders use, process, gather, and produce sustainability-related information.
– Analysis of alternative reporting or measurement regimes.
– Effectiveness and impact of Integrated Reporting practices.
– Role of the International Sustainability Standards Board.
– Sustainability disclosures and regulation.

Conference attendance will be limited to encourage meaningful engagement and discussions. For more information about the conference or to apply to attend, visit the conference webpage:

Prospective presenters are encouraged to submit Papers or Abstracts, no later than December 1, 2022, to the following webpage:

If you have specific questions or require further information about the conference, please contact the conference organizer, Professor Joseph Piotroski, via email at:

Stanford Graduate School of Business
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