XVI International Accounting Research Symposium

Nov 22, 2021
Nov 15, 2021

Objective and Introduction

The Symposium is addressed to PhD students, early-stage faculty and researchers in Accounting and Finance. It represents a unique opportunity to attend lectures by expert faculty, and also, to interact with colleagues and receive feedback both on developed (papers) and developing projects (early-stage ideas).

Presentations by participants

Participants are invited to present their papers or ideas, particularly, on topics linked to the areas discussed by the Faculty. All participants are thus encouraged to submit their own research for presentation at the symposium. Papers linked to the areas discussed by the speakers and by early-stage researchers will be given preference. There will be, after each presentation, sessions dedicated to participants’ presentations, chaired by the professor leading the session, jointly with Prof. Beatriz García Osma. These sessions will be attended by diverse Faculty from the Symposium as well as from both UAM and UC3M.


The invited faculty are:

  • Prof. Jennifer Blouin (Wharton Business School)
  • Prof. Hans B. Christensen (University of Chicago).
  • Prof. Eva Labro (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).
  • Prof. Florin Vasvari (London Business School).

In addition, we will host an editor’s panel, that will be led by prof. W. R. Knechel (University of Florida), senior editor at The Accounting Review.

Registration and Fees

Registration is free of charge and open until November 15, 2021.

Beatriz García Osma (Carlos III) & Ramon Areces Foundation
Event Language:
Educational Course / Workshop
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