1-2 Associate Senior Lecturers in Management Accounting

The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, is looking for 1-2 Associate Senior Lecturers in Management Accounting (‘biträdande universitetslektor’ in Swedish).


Associate senior lecturer is a career-development position created to provide primarily newly qualified PhDs the opportunity of a career path towards permanent employment as a senior lecturer. This/These position/s is a/are fixed four-year full time (100%) employment/s and includes a minimum of 50% research and a maximum 50% teaching.


The associate senior lecturer/s is/are expected to conduct research within the research program Pathways towards an efficient alignment of the financial system with the need of biodiversity (BIOPATH) financed by Mistra (The Swedish Foundation for Environmental Strategic Research) (www.mistrabiopath.se). Specifically, the research should focus on management accounting with a focus on integrating biodiversity considerations into financial decision-making. This involves improving existing financial decision-making processes in industry and the financial system and developing innovative approaches to leveraging the transformative power of the financial system for the benefit of biodiversity. The research is expected to be published in high-quality international research journals.


The position/s involves teaching in management accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including supervision of student thesis work. The responsibilities may also include course management, course development, course examination, and involvement in pedagogical development work. Teaching is conducted in English. Oral and written knowledge of English is therefore vital for managing the teaching responsibilities of the position successfully.


Promotion to and employment as senior lecturer, shall be granted if external evaluators deem the candidate scientifically and pedagogically eligible for promotion, or is close to achieving this (within a year of termination of the appointment as associate senior lecturer), to associate professor (in Swedish: ‘docent’), and is suitable for such an appointment.

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Application Deadline:
Thursday, Dec 22, 2022
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
The School of Business, Economics and Law, Department of Business Administration