1–2 PhD candidates in Business Administration (Finance)

1–2 PhD candidates in Business Administration, specifically Strategy and Finance, with a focus on sustainable development within industry, public agencies and the financial market


The Department of Business Administration, Lund University, announces 1–2 four-year full-time PhD student positions in Business Administration, within the field of finance and/or strategy with a focus on industry, public authorities and the financial market. The PhD student(s) will receive a scholarship for the first year and be employed at the department the subsequent three years. The PhD student(s) will start in fall 2022, or a date to be agreed.

Research within this programme aims at contributing with empirical studies and increased theoretical knowledge of how instances of industry, public agencies and the financial market work with sustainable development and how these efforts can be improved in order for sustainability considerations to be integrated as a key component in financial and strategic decision-making. How can the finance market contribute to an efficient transformation for industry and public authorities, and what roles do policies and private initiatives, such as the EU Taxonomy, CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), the TCFD (Taskforce for Climate related Financial Disclosure) and TNFD (Taskforce for Nature related Financial Disclosure) frameworks, play? For companies developing new, sustainable products and services: what is required by them in terms of raising and allocating capital, technology development, innovation, commercialization and business model development. The candidate(s) are also expected to contribute to the development of innovative ways of working with sustainability that promote the sustainability transformation of industry, public agencies and the financial market.

Application Deadline:
Thursday, Sep 01, 2022
Lund University
Department of Business Administration
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