Full Time Postdoctoral Position

Job description Associate Professor Mircea Epure and the accounting group at UPF are looking for a recent PhD graduate (or close to graduation) for a post-doctoral position. The position is ideal for young scholars with a long term interest in accounting, applied economics or finance, and who are looking for research experience in a top-tier research focused department before going on the market for assistant professors. Job duties may include:
• Data gathering and database management
• Designing and running empirical analyses relying on advanced econometric models
• Options to participate in paper writing (co-authorship is very welcome)
Project and institution that finance the contract
COMPVID – A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of COVID-19 Policies (SR21-00098) – is a project running during 2022-2023 within the La Caixa Social Research framework.
The project analyzes the costs and benefits of relief mechanisms implemented by European countries in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, it assesses the (un)intended consequences of changes to accounting regulation and corporate disclosure on firm survival, growth, and employment, as well as on public finance. The post-doc will be involved in implementing the empirical approach, which—in its main parts—exploits heterogeneity in the staggered adoption of relief mechanisms to estimate their impact on firm- and economy-level outcomes. The work relies on financial data for the universe of privately held firms, matched with loans from public guarantee schemes, and macroeconomic data. We expect the project to inform on: (1) whether changes to accounting regulation may have increased corporate opaqueness, thus impairing screening processes for state guaranteed loans; (2) whether firms lowering disclosure quality resorted disproportionately to government guarantees; and (3) the trade-off between supporting liquidity versus equity in reducing corporate defaults. The project will explore micro effects that aggregate to macro-welfare aspects such as public spending, employment, and growth.
Information on the minimum requirements
1. A PhD degree or being close to graduation in an area related to accounting, finance or applied economics. Candidates with strong applied econometrics training are preferred.
2. Given the type of work involved, ideal candidates would be proficient in using Stata, as well as having good or working knowledge of Python and R.
3. Future aspirations: an interest in preparing for the job market for assistant professors at top tier institutions (e.g. for the job market in the Fall of 2023).
Information on the contract and application process
The standard contract spans 18 months with a competitive salary for such position, depending on experience and skills. The incorporation can take place starting in March 2022 or soon after.
Application procedure: Stage 1: To apply please send your C.V. and a cover letter/research statement (max. 4 pages) detailing your suitability for the job as a single pdf document to mircea.epure@upf.edu. Stage 2: Shortlisted candidates may be asked for further documentation such as reference letters and will be invited for a short online interview.
The call is effective immediately and the position remains open until filled.
Application Deadline:
Sunday, Feb 27, 2022
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Dept. of Economics and Business