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Scientific Programme

 Scientific Programme

The following links publish for every kind of session the time and place of presentation of the papers within every category.

In grouping the papers accepted to Parallel Sessions, the Standing Scientific Committee has decided to change the category some papers will be presented in. Some papers originally submitted to AM now appear either in FA or FR. One paper has been transferred from FA to FR. Finally, papers accepted to parallel session in IS have been included in MA.

The listings of Parallel Sessions also contain the information of the Parallel Sessions with Discussants. The session code of Parallel Sessions with Discussants includes the abbreviation PSD, where as standard Parallel Sessions are marked with PS. Research Forum Sessions can be identified from the abbreviation RF.

Session set-ups (90 minutes):

  • Parallel session with discussants (PSD): 2 papers, 20 min for presentation, 10 min for discussant, 15 min for open discussion
  • Parallel session (PS): 3 papers, 20 min for presentation, 10 min for discussion
  • Research forum (RF): 5 papers, 10 min for presentation: 6-8 min for discussion

To view all PSD and PS papers within the category, click on the category within the table:

To view all RF papers within the category, click on the category within the table:

 Rescheduled papers:

  • Paper FR.PS.6     ID 3942     Hitz
    Will be included in session FR.PS.Session 10; Thu 11.00-12.30 at Linna Väinö-room
  • Paper FR.RF.52   ID 3728    Tzovas
    Will be included in session FR.RF.Session 8; Fri 9.00-10.30 at Tre Hall Opus 1

Papers withdrawn:

  • FA.PS.Session 4        Paper FA.PS.12       ID 4146    Van Zijl
  • FA.PSD.Session 12    Paper FA.PSD.34    ID 4131    Nasev
  • FA.RF.Session 8        Paper FA.RF.37       ID 3289     Nakano
  • FR.RF.Session 2        Paper FR.RF.10       ID 4128     Wu
  • FR.RF.Session 8        Paper FR.RF.40       ID 3834     Tettamanzi
  • GV.PS.Session 3       Paper GV.PS.5         ID 3687     Shan
  • GV.PS.Session 10     Paper GV.PS.26       ID 3398     Muniandy
  • GV.PS.Session 11     Paper GV.PS.29       ID 3715     Bliss