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Thanks to its excellent geographical position, Italy can be easily reached.

Rome is served by two international airports, well connected to downtown Rome: Leonardo da Vinci (FCO) and G.B. Pastine (CIA). In particularly, the international hub “Leonardo da Vinci” Airport is located in the direct neighborhood of Rome and connected to the city center by motorway and direct trains.

Moreover, Rome has an important railway link (Stazione Termini) connected with the rest of Italy and with Europe by high-speed trains. Hotel services offer is abundant both in the proximity of the congress venues and all around Rome.


From Leonardo da Vinci International Airport to the city
Taxi: Taxis are available around the clock and operate with a fix rate of Euro 40 with surcharge during the night. The trip takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Train: A train operates from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport to Stazione Termini at half hourly intervals from 5.52 a.m. to 10.52 p.m. The trip to Stazione Termini takes around 30 minutes.

From G.B. Pastine (CIA) Airport to the city

Taxi: Taxi’s are available outside the terminal.

Bus: Bus service departs at least hourly from G.B. Pastine (CIA) Airport to Stazione Termini.
The trip takes around 40 minutes.

All participants will be provided with BTI (Touristic Transportation Ticket) valid for 3 days with the access to 3 underground, 241 buses routes and 7 tram routes.

Most international driver’s licenses are recognized in Italy. Car rental companies require a valid national or international licence. Remember to keep to the righthand side of the road and wear your seat belt at all times.

Banks are open weekdays from 8:30 to 13:00 and in the afternoon unitl about 4 p.m. ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) are open 24 hours and are located throughout the city and surrounding areas. Almost all ATMs have a language key to enable you to read the instructions in English.

Museums are generally open …..For specific information on museums, please visit our museums section.

Shops and commercial centers are normally open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to 19:30, but closed all day on Sunday. However most stores in shopping malls and crowded streets are open seven days a week, including lunch breaks. You can find restaurants or cafes open virtually at any time of the day or night.

Weather in April in Rome is pleasant and expected to be sunny. The temperature is around 18 °C. It is advised to get some light dresses for day time and some jackets for the night.

If requested by the participants, an official invitation letter will be sent by the Congress Secretariat. Such solicited invitations, however, will not offer any payment of expenses, such as fees, travel or hotel accommodation for the congress.

Italy is a member of the Eurozone. ATMs (known in Italy as “bancomat”) are widely available in Rome and all types of credit cards are accepted. Remember that every time you withdraw cash, there will be a transaction surcharge. Find out from your bank the exact amount. Most shops and restaurants have credit card services.

Tipping in the more expensive restaurants is expected, with around 5 to 10 percent being the usual amount. Taxi drivers do not have to be tipped even if a tip is welcome.

European Citizens whose countries are in the Schengen Area can enter Italy just on a valid identity card or passport. Citizens from all other countries must show their passports; where a visa is required, this must also be presented to the border authorities and must indicate the length of the holder’s stay and his or her destination.

Visa applications – specifying the reason for the trip – must be obtained at the Italian Consulate in the applicant’s country of residence, and are generally issued 90 days after the application has been made. There are no limits to what may be bought or carried on trips within the European Union, provided such purchases are for the traveller’s own personal use.

Italian time is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

In Italy electricity is 220 volts, frequency 50 hz, plugs type: C, F & L; Type L plugs/outlets may have different pin spacing.

Value-added tax is nearly always included in quoted prices. If you are a non-EU resident and you spend more than €155 on a purchase, you can claim a refund when you leave the EU. The refund only applies to purchases from affiliated retail outlets that display a ‘Tax Free for Tourists’ sign.

Smoking is not permitted indoors in public buildings and other places open to the public. This also includes restaurants, pubs and clubs. In some places there are designated smoking zones.