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PhD Forum

The launching of the EAA PhD Forum 2013 is an initiative of the EAA to help and promote PhD students in accounting. The forum is part of the EAA Annual Congress, which implies that only PhD students that will attend the EAA congress are able to register to the PhD forum.

The PhD forum will take place on Monday 6th May 2013 from 10.00am to 1.30pm, just before the opening session of the EAA Annual Congress 2013.

The forum is a great opportunity for PhD students to network and gain insight into academic accounting research and its environment from the speakers. The forum may also provide information as to how to establish contacts for entering the job market. The forum is open to PhD students from all fields related to the EAA (financial accounting, managerial accounting, audit, capital market research…).

Attendance will be limited to registered PhD students. The total number of participants will be limited to encourage active participation and exchanges during the parallel sessions.