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Programme for Accompanying Persons – Ljubljana

Programme for Accompanying Persons 

Ljubljana Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Meeting point: Town Hall – »Mestna hiša« (City centre)




This guided walking tour covers all the major sights located in the old centre of Ljubljana. Visitors get to know the unique character of “Stara Ljubljana” (Ljubljana Old Town), where distinct Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture combines with masterly creations by the 20th century architect Jože Plečnik.

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Visit Postojna Caves

Place: The mysterious Postojna Cave
Meeting point: Faculty of Economics, 17.15
Buses will leave from in front of the conference venue at 17.30.

About the Cave:
Postojna Cave, now in its second century of attracting throngs of admirers from around the world, was a challenge for the bold explorers who, with patience and perseverance, penetrated the deep workings of the underworld. Thanks to the far-sighted managers of the cave, the newly discovered sections were quickly made accessible to the public.
Visitors are guided through the cave’s passages and chambers, learning facts about the cave’s formation and observing fantastic shapes and forms including: stalactites (mineral deposits hanging from the ceiling), stalagmites (mineral deposits built up on the floor), pillars (conjoined stalactites and stalagmites), and folds of calcite curtains.

The desire for knowledge has also prompted experts in karsts phenomena and life in the karsts to research the special geological features of the cave, the formation and development of speleothems (the generic term for calcite formations in caves), and the living creatures that are found in caves – both those that have strayed underground by chance and those that have adapted to life in eternal darkness.
Not only is Postojna Cave known worldwide for its various phenomena, it is also well known for its amazing acoustics. Prepare to discover the secrets of the underworld and enjoy the many surprises awaiting your visit.

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Visit Lake Bled

Duration: Half day
Meeting point (pick up): Registration/welcome desk at venue

This excursion to the town of Bled, one of Slovenia’s most popular resort towns, famous for its alpine lake with an island in the middle, includes a tour of the town of Bled, a visit to Bled Castle and a traditional “pletna” boat ride to Bled Island.

Bled became a popular tourist resort in the 19th century, when the Swiss doctor Arnold Rikli discovered the beneficial properties of the area’s natural resources and founded a health centre there. Bled’s premier attractions are a lake of glacial origin with an island in the middle and a castle whose history dates back to the 11th century.

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Visit Slovenian Coast (Portorož and Piran)

Duration: Full day
Meeting point (pick up): Registration/welcome desk at venue



The excursion to the Mediterranean coastal zone of Slovenia includes a boat ride and a tour of the picturesque coastal town of Piran, famous for its Venetian architectural appearance. Your excursion will first take you to the coastal town of Izola, where you will embark on a boat and sail along the coast to the town of Piran. Your guided tour of Piran will include the Cathedral of St. George, built in the 12th century, and the Tartinijev trg square, named after the Italian composer and violinist Guiseppe Tartini. After the tour you will be at leisure for a swim, lunch and a visit to the lively nearby resort town of Portorož.

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Experience the local cuisine and wines of North-East Slovenia

Duration: 2 days
Meeting point: Park Tivoli at 10am

The Prlekija region, placed in Slovenian Styria is a region famous for its white wines (Furmint – šipon, Welsh Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, Chardonnay) which are a perfect accompaniment to local dishes (Prlekija tünka – special prepared best parts of pork, meat sour soup, buckwheat cake, postržjača…) especially if both is enjoyed in the picturesque surroundings of grapevine covered hills of Jerusalem.


On this trip you will:

  • visit the top regional wine cellar located in the city of Ormož,
  • stroll through Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town,
  • taste and learn about the top local wines in the middle of the Prlekija vineyards,
  • discover how pumpkin seed oil is produced and taste pumpkin seeds and oil dishes,
  • enjoy the typical local food at the dinner on one of the wine farms.
  • enjoy a guided tour.

Departure from Ljubljana (Park Tivoli): Saturday 12th May 2012, 10.00

Arrival to Ljubljana (Park Tivoli): Sunday 13th May before 11.00

Price includes wine tastings and tastings of local dishes, dinner at the wine farm, accommodation in double room, single use (Hotel Diana***), breakfast, transport, taxes.