The Doctorate (PhD) in Accountancy in Europe: 1.0

Posted by WILLEM BUIJINK - Apr 29, 2017

First that number. 310 schools and universities in EU28, plus Norway and Switzerland, that offer a Doctorate (PhD) program in Accountancy. How was that arrived at?

It was done while I was Academic Director of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) in Brussel in 2013-2014. The number actually is the number of Schools we found that offer a Doctorate in Business, all areas.

The EIASM is an institute that you should know about. In a next post I will explain why.

The European Commission is Brussels is working on a database that registers all university programs in Europe: BSc, MSc and Doctorate programs, so I discovered. But the database is, still, not ready. So to determine the number of Doctorate programs in Business we used another route.

For a start, we used EIASM information. Which European schools sent students to the EIASM EDEN Doctoral Seminars. Second, we determined the European schools that can be found in the UT Dallas Business Research Ranking and in the Brigham Young Accounting Resesarch ranking.This was done for the 6 year period upto 2013.

The combination of Schools appearing in those 3 information sets is 310. It is a bit tricky. Dallas en BYU make mistakes, some Schools appear multiple times. But after correction the number of 310 resulted. This is believable, because when you do the same for the US and Canada, without the EIASM step of course, the numbers are 250 and 40.

Of course, ‘Business’ is broader then Accountancy and also this deserves redoing for a period ending in 2016 ( volunteers ? ). I doubt that the 310 number will change much. About 300.

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