The Doctorate (PhD) in Accountancy in Europe: 2.0

Posted by WILLEM BUIJINK - Apr 29, 2017

What is the number of new Doctors (PhDs) that the 300 European Doctoral programs bring to the market every year?

That we also analyzed while was working for EIASM. We looked for all areas at the number EDEN programs participants and, more importantly, at the number of applicants for the Doctoral Colloquia that the EAISM associations all organize. Some have three of these (the International Business Association: IBA).

The estimate for the number of new Doctors coming to the market in Accountancy every year we came up with was 120. This was in 2014. The number will have not changed much. I understand the number of PhD Forum participants is also a bit over 100. There will be non-European PhD candidates there of course. But the 120 number looks ok.

This post and the 1.0 post give numbers. We can now turn to the issues!

  • How well are these 120 new doctors trained?
  • How well do the 300 schools do this?
  • Are we happy with the number: 120? Compared to what?
  • What are the determinants of both numbers ?
  • What is, should be, the role of the EAA in all of this?
  • What do you, as Doctoral students, want that role to be?