Pitching Research®: A Resource Kit for Research Training Instructors

Posted by Robert Faff - Feb 05, 2020

New on SSRN is resource kit for research training instructors:

Faff, Robert W., Pitching Research®: A Resource Kit for Research Training Instructors (February 5, 2020). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3532347


To encourage wider adoption and dissemination of Faff’s (2015, 2019) Pitching Research framework, herein, I set out a carefully organized resource kit for instructors charged with the goal of research capacity building and/or research training. Targeted instructors include: “research process” course leaders; Honors year instructors; HDR course leaders and any other instructors with a research training remit. The Resource kit is organized under six broad headings: (1) Essential resources; (2) Recommended resources; (3) Supplementary resources; (4) Discipline-specific resources; (5) Suggested classes, activities and assessment; (6) Additional Pitching Research literature. Discipline specific areas covered include: Accounting; Finance; Information Systems; Management; Marketing; Strategy; Tourism; Science; Economics & Policy; Medicine & Health; Humanities & Social Sciences; Psychology; and Engineering. Additionally, I provide access to 35 language translations of the cued version of the pitching template.

The accounting specific resources comprise of > 20 worked examples.

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