Anthony G. Hopwood Award for Academic Leadership

Posted by ARC Commitee - Mar 06, 2021

The EAA is delighted to announce two recipients of the 2021 Anthony G. Hopwood Award for Academic Leadership:


Professor John Christensen, Emeritus professor at the University of Southern Denmark,


Professor Peter Walton, Emeritus professor at The Open University and ESSEC Business School


The Award was established in 2005 and renamed to honour Professor Anthony G. Hopwood, who played a prominent role in the creation and development of the EAA. Previous recipients of the Award are Willem Buijink, Stephen Zeff, Sten Jönsson, and Michael Shields. The Award is intended to recognise academic excellence, academic leadership, and contribution to the EAA. The prizes will be formally awarded during the EAA Virtual Annual Congress in late May 2021.

Both John and Peter have a record of strong EAA leadership and have made an enormous contribution to the EAA community over the years. Their nomination was supported by a large cross-section of well-known and respected members of our community.

John was President of the EAA in 2006-2009 and member of the Executive Committee (Board) 2000-2010. He also served as Chair of the Doctoral Colloquium in 2002-2006 and faculty member 1998-2007. He contributed to the European Accounting Review, where he served as an Associate Editor between 1999-2012 and as member of the editorial board 1992-1999 and 2013-2017. John’s research has made a significant contribution to our understanding of the use of accounting information as decision influencing and facilitating information.

Peter was involved with the European Accounting Review from the beginning and for almost 20 years – as associate editor 1992-3, then as co-editor 1993-1999, and as member of the editorial advisory board 2000-2011. Peter is the founder of Accounting in Europe, edited it for seven years, and continues to be Consulting Editor. He also chaired the Financial Reporting Standard Committee (2010-2015) and was a member of the Management Committee (1992-2000) and the Publication Committee (1999-2004, 2013-16). Peter’s research has contributed to the development of international accounting and emphasised the importance of practice-relevant research.

These are just a selection of the Award winners’ achievements, and we are looking forward to hearing more at the EAA Virtual Annual Congress when the Anthony G. Hopwood Award will be formally received.


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