2022 Anthony G. Hopwood Award for Academic Leadership

Posted by BAHA DIYAROV - Feb 22, 2022

The EAA is delighted to announce the two recipients of the

2022 Anthony G. Hopwood Award for Academic Leadership:

Professor David Cooper, University of Alberta and Edinburgh University


Professor Kari Lukka, University of Turku


The Award was established in 2005 and renamed to honour Professor Anthony G. Hopwood, who played a prominent role in the creation and development of the EAA. Previous recipients of the Award are Willem Buijink, Stephen Zeff, Sten Jönsson, Michael Shields, John Christensen and Peter Walton. The Award is intended to recognise academic excellence, academic leadership, and contribution to the EAA. The prizes will be formally awarded during the EAA Annual Congress in Bergen, May 2022.

David’s involvement in the European Accounting Association goes back to the early 1980s. In 1987, he became a faculty member of the incipient Doctoral Colloquium of the European Accounting Association – a capacity in which he served passionately until 2019. All this time, the Doctoral Colloquium, held on the weekend before the Annual Congress, has been constituting a major activity of the Association. The importance of the Doctoral Colloquium for the development of a strong, research-oriented community of European accounting scholars can hardly be overstated. David’s research and leadership activities contributed to the development and establishment of research on the organizational and social aspects of accounting systems. He has served as an editorial board member, associate editor and editor of Accounting Organizations and Society for more than 40 years, he was the founding co-editor of Critical Perspectives on Accounting, he has played a leadership role in launching the International Perspectives on Accounting Conferences, and he has served as faculty member of the EDEN Seminar on Qualitative Research in Management Accounting.

Kari has made many contributions to the EAA by his leadership and service for about 40 years. His leadership has taken the form of manifold contributions, including serving as the Editor of the European Accounting Review (2000-2005) and his initiating and managing of the EIASM Conference on New Directions in Management Accounting: Innovations in Practice and Research for 20 years. He was also the initiating and founding faculty member of the EDEN doctoral seminar “Case-based research in management accounting” (2003-2015, bi-annually). He was also a member of the (founding, i.e. first ever) Management Committee of the EAA (for two three year-periods from 2005) and Chair of the Publications Committee of the EAA from 2006-2010. Kari has produced a significant body of scholarly work in high-quality journals and monographs, and has served in the editorial board of  Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (AAAJ)Accounting, Organizations and Society (AOS)Accounting and Business Research (ABR),  British Accounting Review (BAR),  Critical Perspectives on Accounting (CPA)Management Accounting Research (MAR) and  Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management (QRAM). Kari’s leadership, service and scholarship have always been in the tradition of Anthony Hopwood: To expand the theoretical and empirical foundations and frontiers of accounting to provide broader and deeper understanding of the role of accounting in society. Kari’s research has made significant contributions to describing, explaining and understanding management accounting.

These are just a selection of the two Award winners’ achievements, and we are looking forward to hearing more at the 2022 EAA Annual Congress in Bergen when the Anthony G. Hopwood Award will be formally received.

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