EAA Visiting PhD Scheme at Bocconi University – Post-visit report by Furqan Shah

Posted by ARC Commitee - Mar 06, 2024

My visit to Bocconi University through the EAA PhD Scheme was a profoundly enriching experience, providing me with invaluable opportunities to interact with PhD students and faculty members.
Interacting with PhD students and faculty over coffee catchups and lunches was a highlight of my stay. These informal gatherings allowed me to discuss my research and gain fresh perspectives and constructive feedback. This interactive environment has certainly enhanced the quality of my research endeavors.
I also had the opportunity to attend courses to strengthen my knowledge and familiarity with different fields of accounting research. I attended the courses on Auditing with Annita Florou and Accounting Theory with Moritz Hiemann. These sessions not only deepened my understanding of the subject area but also provided me with practical insights applicable to my own empirical research.
Participating in reading groups was another valuable aspect of my visit. Analyzing and critiquing academic papers alongside fellow scholars fostered critical thinking and refined my analytical skills. These discussions offered diverse viewpoints and encouraged me to approach my research from multifaceted angles.
During my time at Bocconi, I was fortunate to attend many job-market seminars. Witnessing final-year PhD students from various institutions around the world present their work as potential hires at Bocconi University offered a firsthand glimpse into successful job-market strategies. The seminars equipped me with the necessary insights to navigate the post-PhD job market effectively.
A pinnacle moment during my visit was presenting my research at an internal faculty-wide brown-bag seminar. The feedback and suggestions received from the faculty members will undoubtedly enhance the impact of my research, motivating me to refine and strengthen my work further.
Outside of academia, I had the opportunity to explore the vibrant culture and rich history of Italy during weekends. Exploring the enchanting streets of Milan and immersing myself in Italian cuisine and art provided a delightful respite from academic pursuits, adding a memorable dimension to my visit.
In summary, my time at Bocconi University through the EAA PhD Scheme was a profound blend of academic enlightenment and cultural immersion. The interactions with peers and faculty, coupled with academic engagements and cultural exploration, have indelibly shaped my academic journey, igniting a deeper passion for research and academia. I am grateful for this transformative experience and eager to apply the knowledge and experiences gained to my future endeavors.

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