The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) provides a permanent secretariat for the European Accounting Association (EAA). As part of its ongoing services to associations and members, EIASM regularly organises a series of specialist Workshops and EDEN (EIASM’s Doctoral Education Network) Seminars on Accounting and other Management topics. Details of these are provided automatically to EAA members throughout the year.

  • For a current list of EIASM Workshops in the domain of Accountingclick here.
  • For a current list of EDEN Seminars in the domain of Accountingclick here.

We also maintain a comprehensive listing of accounting research- and teaching-related events in general.  Enjoy browsing, filter by categories, or use the search functions. If you are aware of an event that we have missed, or if you would like to advertise your own event, please email directly to the ARC Events senior editor, Claudia Imperatore.

  • Nov 17, 2022 - Dec 15, 2022
    EDEN Doctoral Seminar on generating impactful research ideas for young scholars
    nding good and creative research ideas is a struggle for many PhD students early in their academic career. Some will find it difficult to find the right research question for their PhD, others will stop…
    Submission Deadline: Sep 17, 2022
    Type: Online
  • Nov 24, 2022 - Oct 02, 2022
    Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management
    “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainability accounting: Opportunities and Challenges for public, non-governmental and hybrid sector organisations”. This Special Issue aims to publish high-quality papers that promote the understanding of the role and contributions of…
    Submission Deadline: Mar 31, 2022
    Type: N/A
  • Nov 28, 2022 - Nov 29, 2022
    4th GCAA Summit 2022: The Role of Legal, Political, and Regulatory Institutions in Influencing Accounting and Financial Outcomes
    The Global Chinese Accounting Association (GCAA) and School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Curtin University are proud to present the Global Chinese Accounting Association (GCAA) Summit 2022 in Perth, Australia, November 28-29, 2022. The…
    Submission Deadline: Sep 01, 2022
    Type: Perth, Australia
  • Dec 01, 2022 - Dec 02, 2022
    14th IAAER World Congress of Accounting Educators and Researchers
    IAAER’S MISSION The mission of the IAAER is to promote excellence in accounting education and research on a worldwide basis and to maximize the contribution of accounting academics to the development and maintenance of high quality,…
    Submission Deadline: Jun 30, 2022
    Type: Paris - La Défense
  • Dec 02, 2022 - Dec 02, 2022
    VARS with David Veenman
    The European Accounting Association Virtual Accounting Research Seminar (VARS) aims to facilitate the continued exchange and discussion of accounting research findings in Europe and around the world. The series is free and open to all.…
    Submission Deadline: Not set
    Type: Online
  • Dec 08, 2022 - Dec 09, 2022
    Tilburg Winter Symposium and Research Camp 2022
    The Department of Accountancy at Tilburg University is proud to invite you to the first Tilburg Winter Symposium and Research Camp to be held on December 8-9, 2022. This years’ symposium and conference focuses on the theme Accounting for a Sustainable…
    Submission Deadline: Sep 15, 2022
    Type: Tilburg, Netherlands
  • Dec 09, 2022 - Dec 11, 2022
    Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp
    The American Accounting Association (AAA) and the University of Miami are pleased to bring you the 2022 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp. This year’s Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp will be…
    Submission Deadline: Not set
    Type: Miami, Florida, US
  • Dec 12, 2022 - Dec 13, 2022
    2022 HKUST Accounting Research Symposium
    The 2022 HKUST Accounting Research Symposium invites submission of unpublished manuscripts in all areas of accounting research. The Symposium welcomes participation of accounting scholars for two days of presentations and discussions. It will be held…
    Submission Deadline: Sep 15, 2022
    Type: Online
  • Dec 12, 2022 - Dec 16, 2022
    EDEN Doctoral seminar on producing and evaluating knowledge in management accounting
    This EDEN Seminar will focus on establishing the domain of management accounting as a topic for research.  As well as seeking to provide a grounding in the kinds of issues that typically comprise management accounting research…
    Submission Deadline: Oct 10, 2022
    Type: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dec 15, 2022 - Dec 16, 2022
    2022 ICVG (CGB) Conference: Governance in its institutional context
    Good governance within organisations doesn’t necessarily ensure they can effectively weather crises. Why is that and what can we do about it? With organisations increasingly operating in ambiguous, volatile and complex environments, understanding effective governance…
    Submission Deadline: Aug 31, 2022
    Type: Melbourne, Australia
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