Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy in Emerging & Developing Economies

Feb 28, 2019
Feb 28, 2019

Guest Editors

Diogenis Baboukardos, Essex Business School, University of Essex

Eshani Beddewela, Huddersfield Business School, University of Huddersfield

Teerooven Soobaroyen, Essex Business School, University of Essex

Scope of the Special Issue

The Special Issue welcomes research papers using diverse methodological and theoretical approaches that highlight their policy and practical implications and focus on the context of Emerging & Developing Economies, examining Sustainability accounting, management and their related public policies. A non-exhaustive list of research topics relevant to the scope of the Special Issue follows:

·      Macro-level influences on Sustainability accounting and management

·      Governance of Sustainability in EDEs

·      Sustainability accounting and reporting

·      Carbon accounting, reporting and trading

·      Integrated reporting and Integrated thinking

·      Social and environmental audit

·      Sustainability and corporate governance

·      Sustainability policy and monitoring

·      Management accounting, control and sustainability

·      The role of ethics, human rights, gender or religion in sustainability accounting and reporting

·      The accounting, control, and reporting of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

·      Stakeholder engagement and accountability

·      Economic consequences of sustainability accounting, reporting and management

·      Alignment of Sustainability and Sustainable Development in EDEs

·      Legitimation and Sustainability


The Special Issue is also associated to the Accounting and Accountability in Emerging Economies (AAEE) Conference 2018 which will be held on 28 and 29 June 2018 at the Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK ( Papers presented in the conference that fall into the scope of the Special Issue may be invited for submission to the Special Issue.

Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal
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