The tenth Accounting History International Conference “Accounting and work in historical perspective”

Sep 03, 2019
Paris, France
Mar 01, 2019
While papers will be accepted across the full range of accounting history topics and methodological and theoretical perspectives, authors are encouraged to address topics relevant to the conference theme: “Accounting and work in historical perspective”.
This involves studying accounting and work in various periods and settings, including accounting for and controlling labour processes in different industries; accounting and labour relations over time; accounting and/for changing forms of work; accounting workplaces, accounting and work environments; accounting work and the accounting profession, and so on. Authors are encouraged to recognise accounting as technical practice and as social practice. Investigations may include, but are not limited to, historical studies of:
• Attempts for controlling labour processes and impact on (cost) accounting techniques, following different paradigms;
• Measurements of work by engineers and diffusion of managerial innovations (e.g. Bedeaux’s work measurement system developed during the interwar period);
• The labour theory of value, and how it was captured by accounting systems and discussed in the accounting literature;
• Emergence of payroll accounting techniques and payroll control in various settings;
• Accounting and work in ancient times, looking at how the work was measured and valued;
• Accounting and slavery, looking at work measurement techniques, accounting records reflecting slavery and emancipation, as well as developing new grids of analysis; • Farming, agriculture work and agricultural accounting, raising questions of valuation; • Accounting to/for unions, looking at political influences of unions on accounting choices, and accounting reports; • Emergence and development of social accounting, corporate social reporting, employee and employment reporting as well as integrated reporting in various settings;
• Accounting and downsizing, looking at how performance indicators were developed to legitimise job cuts since the 1970s;
• Accounting and workplaces, looking at workplace relations in the accounting profession, accountants in the workplace, but also at the ways in which work is organised and accounted for (e.g. telecommuting, remote work);
Submission and Review of Papers: Papers written in the English language and complying with the Accounting History manuscript style should be submitted in Word format no later than 1st March 2019 to All papers will be subject to a double-blind refereeing process. A special issue of the journal on the conference theme is scheduled to be published following the event.
An Emerging Scholars' Colloquium will be held immediately prior to the conference.
Conference information will be added progressively to the conference website:
Inquiries may be directed to the Conference Convenor, Prof. Henri Zimnovitch, CNAM, at the following e-mail address:
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, University Paris-Dauphine/PSL and SKEMA Business School
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