XVIII International Accounting Research Symposium

Jul 10, 2024
Madrid, Spain
Jun 25, 2024

The Symposium is addressed to PhD students, early-stage faculty and researchers in Accounting and Finance. It represents a unique opportunity to attend lectures by expert faculty, and also, to interact with colleagues and receive feedback both on developed (papers) and developing projects (early-stage ideas).

The invited faculty are:

In addition, we will also host an editor’s and career’s panel, that will be led by prof. Beatriz García Osma and Prof. Juan Manuel García Lara (both from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid-UC3M, host). Finally, we will host presentations by participants, whereby preference for presentation will be given to proposals closely linked with the topics of the presenters as well as to early stage faculty and PhD students.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Event Language:
Symposium and Doctoral Workshop
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