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Downloading of Symposia Presentations

 Downloading of Symposia Presentations

Symposium 1
: Wanted – Foundations of Accounting Measurement

Symposium 2: Intercontinental Perspectives on Social and Environmental Accounting Research

Symposium 3: Researching Public Sector Accounting Change

Symposium 4: The Roles and Effects of Paradigms in Accounting Research

Symposium 5: The Economic Downturn and Research Opportunities in Accounting: An Editors’ Perspective

Symposium 6: The Challenges for Auditing in a Time of Financial Crisis

Symposium 7: Accountancy and Academic Professional Inter-Dependency (or Mutual Exclusivity?)

Symposium 8: When Accounting meets Information and Communication Technology: Effects on Accountants, Accounting and Organisations

Symposium 9: The Future of SME Financial Reporting