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Class Room Session

Class Room Session – 
Active learning in the class-room !

Wednesday, 29th May 2019  –  16:15-17:45
Aliathon Holiday Village, Paphos – Room C3 (1st floor)

Co-chairs: Patricia Everaert & Evelien Opdecam
                Ghent University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

In higher education, it is important to make learning attractive to students by being exposed to interactive activities.  Incorporating fun class room activities, offers a simple way to motivate students and engage them in the content of your topic.  There are many tools available to include quizzes in your class.  Sometimes professors get lost in the wide range of available tools.  That is why the current class room session will provide clear examples of how to insert in-class quizzes into your course, without having to spend too much time on  it.  Different in-class formats will be presented, ranging from low-tech to high-tech, each with specific information. For some formats students must answer individually, while for other formats students are required to cooperate in teams.  All underlying PowerPoint templates will be shared with participants of the class room session, so that you can start using each quizzes in your own course tomorrow.    

In-class quiz, based on a standard PowerPoint template.  Easy-to-use quizzes, with different types of questions and different answering modes will be shown and discussed. Creating a quiz for your class only takes a few minutes.

Bingo, is a fun game of chance that anyone can play. The game is played on a scorecard that consists of different squares.  If you get all squares in a row, you win!  The bingo game is integrated in PowerPoint, to be used during class, as an in-class quiz where students receive  randomized questions.   

Jeopardy, is a popular answer-and-question quiz show on TV.   Questions are arranged by topic, and vary in terms of points.  The class is divided into a few teams and each team decides which question box to answer.  We created a PowerPoint template for classroom use.  By clicking on the selected question box, the selected question is displayed.  It offers a nice alternative for a regular quiz format!

Connect-4,  is definitely a classic one for anyone who is a fan of strategy games.  Playing against an opponent, student teams try to be the first to place four checkers in a row on the game board.  We created a PowerPoint in which you can easily link the place of the checkers to different questions.  When a team answers the selected question correctly, the checker is falling down in this location.  The group that gets four checkers in a row wins.   

Web-based audience response systems (e.g. Kahoot, Poll everywhere, Mentimeter).  Questions are presented on the screen for the whole class, and each student answers on his/her mobile phone.  Immediate feedback of the whole group is provided, as the results appear directly on the screen. 

Classroom session participants will experience all of the above mentioned class room games and experience the feasibility of each of them to use in the own teaching context.  Involve all students in your class and improve the retention of knowledge, since the interactive format helps people to remember more about the content that is discussed in class .


Prof. dr. Patricia Everaert is associate professor at Ghent University in financial and management accounting.  She has done research on target costing, time-driven activity-based costing, the role of the accountant as business advisor for SME’s and has numerous publications in international journals such as Small Business Economics, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management, Issues in Accounting Education, Accounting Education, Journal of Accounting Education, Australian Accounting Review, Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal, etc.  She is also Associate Editor at Accounting Education.   Her latest research highlights her interest in innovations in accounting education, with focus on active learning and gaming.

Dr. Evelien Opdecam is doctor in Business Economics and has a Master degree in Pedagogical Sciences.  She has done research on team learning in large units, at the bachelor level, for courses such as financial accounting or intermediate accounting.  She has published her work in journals such as Research in Higher Education, Issues in Accounting Education, Asian Review of Accounting, Accounting Education, etc.   With the gamification team at Ghent University, she is currently interested in gamification as an approach to stimulate learning.